ChemoPatch: A Next-Generation Cancer Chemotherapy Device

WINNER: 1st Honorable Mention- Therapeutic Devices Category

We have developed ChemoPatch, a low-cost, disposable, and electronic patch-based cancer chemotherapy device designed to be simple, automated, unobtrusive, and easy-to-use by cancer patients outside of the hospital, yet cutting-edge in its ability to deliver quality home-based chemotherapy. Our device comprises of 5 components: 1) a novel micropump for drug delivery; 2) a drug reservoir that contains up to 3 separate chemotherapy drugs; 3) a microneedle array for the painless administration of drugs; 4) a novel microcontroller-based electronic circuit for complex programmable delivery scheduling capability; and 5) a padded and bendable circular 2.0” diameter patch to package all of the other components. Through developing this device, we aim to bridge the gap between technology and cost-effectiveness/comfort in high-quality home-based cancer care.

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